With Amazon Smile charitable organizations program, there are now two ways that GES can earn money when you shop at Amazon!
Amazon Smile
This is Amazon's program wherein they donate to your selected charity each time you shop through the smile.amazon.com site.  You have to make a one time selection of Greenfield Parent Teacher Organization as your charity to support and then just remember to shop at "smile.amazon.com" instead of "amazon.com".  Your GES PTO will receive a donation amounting to 0.5% of your purchase.
Greenfield Parent Teacher Organization
GES PTO Amazon Link 
Alternatively, you can shop our GES PTO specific link (information below) and we will receive an advertiser's fee of 4% or more.  These two paths cannot be combined at the moment, but we'll keep an eye on that!   
You can start from our website by clicking on the Amazon banner in the lower left hand corner.  OR to make it even easier, follow the instructions below for your browser to add a button to your Bookmarks/Favorites bar and use it every time you want to shop Amazon!   Amazon will automatically track back any purchases made within a single shopping session when you use this special url, and will donate a % of your purchases to GES (at no cost to you!).  Be sure to spread the word to family and friends!!
Within a single shopping session:  One key thing to know!   Amazon closes your shopping session when you buy something - either by checking out from your shopping cart or by using the One-Click buttons.  So even though your browser is still open, the shopping session that GES will get credit for is over.  Opening a new browser window from our link will create a new shopping session.

Chrome and Safari browsers:
Just drag the above button up to your Bookmarks bar and start shopping!
Firefox browser:
Step 1:  Right-click on the above button and select "Bookmark This Link"
Step 2:  Give it a name and be sure to select "Bookmarks Toolbar" as your Folder
Internet Explorer browser:
Step 1: Right-click this link:  http://www.amazon.com/?&tag=greeleschpto-20&linkCode=wsw& and select "Add to Favorites"
Step 2: Give it a name and select "Favorites Bar" as your Create In location 
And remember, every time you purchase using our link instead of the general Amazon url, they will donate a percentage of your purchases to our school - for free and automatically!
Spread the word, and let's watch our fundraising grow!